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DeepCool Охлаждане за лаптоп Notebook Cooler N9 17“ - Aluminium - Silver

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54.90 лв.

- охлаждане за лаптоп с променлив ъгъл на работа, алуминиево, вентилатор 18 cm, 4 USB порта, висока ефективност на охлаждане......още информация

Тази стока е включена в нашият магазин на: 18.01.2016
Последна актуализация е извършена на: 29.03.2017


The very partner, nothing but Aluminum

Nimble and stable

Elaborate combination of silver Aluminum panel and black plastic base make N9 in high quality more than looking stable and reliable. 6 adjustable using angles offer you the most comfort in use. Being nimbly and standing stably, it is not a conflict but a combination, and that is N9.


Following the successful N8 series, N9 succeed the entire Aluminum panel, classic channels for airflow, seems the airflow is running all the time! By material more than by feeling, N9 offer the high performance in cooling, larger touch area on hot surface, faster transportation of the heat, bigger airflow to take it all away!

Super aluminum panel

Advanced over normal metal mesh, N9 offers higher efficiency cooling performance by entire aluminum panel. N9 has big enough panel to get an extreme touch on the heat source, quicker collection and faster transportation of the heat, that what you will feel from N9.


N9 has 6 using angles, more freedom make you the most comfort in use.

One of N9 characters is to have 6 using angles, offer you more choices and more freedom while using. Chatting, watching films or working, you will always have your own angels on N9. N9 will free your posture, comfort your spine physiological curvature by 6 different supporting angles.

180mm high efficient fan

The 180mm high efficient fan, enhanced by the big panel area and creative airflow channels, N9 eliminate all your anxiety about your notebook is overheated.


Vertical Airflow Design offers optimal airflow to cool your notebook

N9 succeed the machined channels as track for airflow on the aluminum panel, which is a creative design from DEEPCOOL, and is approved in N8 series. Vertical Airflow Design offers optimal airflow, you can feel the air running around your notebook!



Assure safety use at the highest angle.

o assure a safety use at high angles, N9 has three assurance backup: the rubber pads at the bottom of base are in high quality of skidproof factor, it assure the position of N9. 6 slots with calculated arch strongly hold steel leg, 2 soft rubber buckles on the front panel undoubtedly protect the notebook from sliding off.


  • 180mm cooling fan, big airflow, high performance.
  • Entire Aluminum panel efficiently dissipate heat.
  • Creative airflow channels give better and faster ways for heat to go away.
  • 6 using angles offer you more choices for comfort in use.
  • 4 USB ports, make it more convenient for you to work with external USB devices.
  • Adjustable fan speed balances between performance and silence.
  • Three protection backup for safety use at any angles.
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