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DeepCool Охладител за лаптоп Notebook Cooler N6000 17“ - black

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39.53 лв.
Бруто тегло на стоката 1.75 кг.
Тази стока е включена в нашият магазин на: 18.01.2016
Последна актуализация е извършена на: 24.03.2017



Honeycomb Metal Mesh
N6000 uses high quality metal mesh as the front panel which is carved with hexagon air holes in order to maximize the cool airflow through the panel for reaching the superb cooling performance. The built-in 20cm fan pushes massive airflow to cool every corner under your notebook.

Blue LED Fan
N6000 is cool not only because of the big fan but also the blue LED lights. The blue lights add to the aesthetics of the cooler and catch your eyes in no time.

Storage Cage
You can put away your USB cable, pens, flash disk and other small gadgets into this specially designed storage cage. And you can always open the cage without removing your notebook.

Hexagon Honeycomb Holes
The front panel is carved with big hexagon honeycomb holes which still keeps the firm structure and provide bigger airflow through than other coolers.

Sand Blasted Effects
The metal mesh is sand blasted to prevent from fingerprints in order to make the front panel clean and nice.

Led Control
The blue LED lights have independent switch. You can turn them on/off as you wish.

Brushed Metal Effect
The brushed metal effect is achieved to provide anti-slip and protect the base from fingerprints.

Easy-open cage
The cover of the cage can be easily opened up with the edge over the cage base. You don’t need to remove your notebook at all.

High Cooling Performance
N6000 is for the superb cooling performance! Compared with other coolers’ front panel, it is carved with bigger hexagon honeycomb air holes on the metal mesh, which ensures massive cool airflow to cool down the notebook along with the big 20cm fan. N6000 is compatible with 17” notebooks and below.

Blue Lighting World
When you need a fresh up, turn on the blue LED lights! When you don’t need, you can turn it off while still keeping the fans running for the cooling.

USB Extension
N6000 is built with 2 USB ports. You can connect the USB cable to the “USB IN” port to power the cooler up and get the data from your notebook. Then you can use the “USB out” port for extensional USB device.


Blue & Cool
The 20cm fan blows enough airflow to cool up to 17” notebooks. With blue LED lights, N6000 emits the color for your life

Thoughtful storage cage
This is for a clean desk! You can put away your USB cable, pens, flash disk and other small gadgets into the specially designed storage cage. You can always open the cage without removing your notebook.

Ergonomic Design
N6000 has a 7° viewing angle available, which enables users to work, study and play with their notebook in a comfortable gesture, therefore to protect users from spinal problems. At the bottom of the cooler, high quality anti-slip rubber helps prevent any sliding of the cooler and notebook for safety.


Honeycomb metal mesh panel allows massive cool air through to cool the notebook
 20cm blue LED fan provides big airflow at very low noise level
The fan speed is adjustable and it has independent LED lights switch
Thoughtful storage cage enables you to store your small stuff for a tidy place
Two USB ports allow you to add your own extensional USB devices.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension                                                383X295X52mm
Fan Dimension                                                      Φ200X20mm
Net Weight                                                              1074g
Bearing Type                                                           Sleeve Bearing
Rated Voltage                                                         5VDC
Operating Voltage                                                  4.5~5VDC
Started Voltage                                                       4.5~5VDC
Rated Current                                                         0.15±10%~0.22±10%A
Power Input                                                             0.75~1.1W
Fan Speed                                                               400±100~700±15%RPM
Max. Air Flow                                                            73.42CFM
Noise                                                                        23dB(A)

Product Dimension

Гаранция: 24 месеца

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